Taunton Wedding Photographer

“We’re so pleased that we chose Matt to be our wedding photographer. We have been impressed with his level of service throughout the whole experience, from emails exchanged before the day while choosing a suitable package for us, to the big day itself and of course to receiving the wonderful photos after the wedding.

On the day itself Matt was so professional, as well as being very friendly and easy to work with.  More than anything we were struck by how unobtrusive he was and how he was able to handle our family members getting in the way trying to take their own photographs! He worked around them and was so discreet that everybody felt really comfortable.

We wanted our photos to tell the story of our day, capturing all the key moments but without having cameras in our faces all the time. That’s exactly what we got! Matt was of course happy to accommodate the posed shots that we wanted to make sure we had all the “requisite” group shots, but otherwise the photos were taken discreetly and the results are some very unexpected shots which we had no idea were being taken!

We were delighted to receive our photos on a memory stick so quickly after our wedding and had a great time reliving the day as we watched the slideshow. The photos are of a great quality and really captured the emotions and events. We were really pleased that Matt put them all in black and white and sepia for us as well so we were able to choose a mixture of different types as our “best” selection.

Thanks again Matt for your excellent services. We are happy to recommend Matt to anyone! ”

Scott and Charis


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