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Festival weddings – a new trend!

People getting married in the near future who are thinking about where to have their ceremonies, what dress style they want and which Somerset wedding photographer to hire might also want to consider a theme for their big day – and one of the newest trends to emerge in recent weeks is a mini festival.

If this appeals, there are lots of ways you can make this theme work for you. If you’re worried about what to wear on your feet for a wedding that will take place primarily outside, then there’s no real cause for concern as a pair of ankle boots in leather or suede will look brilliant with your dress, particularly if it’s short. If this doesn’t sound like you, a flat shoe would be a great option – anything but heels, really, as these will make it hard to traverse uneven ground and often get stuck in the mud!

As for decor, you should try and keep it as natural as possible since festivals are al fresco by nature. You could set out a picnic basket for people to drop well-wishing cards in when they arrive at your reception venue, hang lots of paper streamers and beautiful doilies as bunting in lots of vibrant colours, offer guests hot water bottles if the evening turns cold, and have wooden tables with picnic chairs and white tablecloths for the wedding breakfast which will really complete the outdoors/festival feel. And, if you’ve got enough space, why not set out lots of hay bales at your venue as alternative seating when people get tired later?

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How to choose a wedding dress

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It’s important to think long and hard about decisions relating to your wedding, whether it be your wedding photographer (such as Matthew Sims), your theme, the colours, the food and, most critically, the dress.

And it seems that women are certainly of this view, with new research showing that they try on up to 20 wedding dresses before finding that one very special one that they can’t wait to walk down the aisle in, and just 9% of those asked in the Promotional Codes study saying they only had to try on five dresses before they picked out a favourite.

While 20 dresses might seem like a lot to try on, it is important to make sure you find a gown that is particularly well suited to your body type. If you’re something of a pear shape, look for a skirt with a gradual flare from the waist to the floor, which will draw attention away from the thighs. For women with a larger bust, it might be a better idea to go for a scooped neckline as this won’t show too much cleavage and will lighten up your face. Also avoid ruched fabric or anything with a sheen to it as this could draw attention to your chest.

For tall brides, a silhouette dress is a great option, as it will help emphasise your shape. Try to avoid anything too fussy and over-embellished and keep your dress as simple as possible, without being too boring – you’re sure to get lots of compliments if you do!