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Burk Al Arab Documentary Photography

Long Exposure Photography – Day 9 Photo.

Family friendly photographer

Day 9. I love this photo, for more than the image itself. My son and I were out on the Palm in Dubai until midnight taking this image, there is nothing like completing a shared task together to instigate a father-son bonding session. We both left with some great photos and a memory to last a life time. The photo itself is a nice long exposure, a solid tripod allows you to keep the shutter open for several minutes to let lots of light in to the camera without suffering from any motion blur. A lovely crisp shot taken in almost perfect darkness.

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UAE National Day images Travel Photography

National Day Fireworks,

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With National Day in the UAE upon us, there are many special events around Dubai to mark the occasion. On the warm winter evenings, there is nothing nicer than watching the fireworks let off from La Mer beach to celebrate the 47th Birthday of the UAE. Here is the photo from today for day 8 of my Photo a Day challenge.

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Sunset in Dubai Travel Photography

Dubai Skyline – photography is a family hobby!

Day 7. It becomes part of everyday life when you move to live in a new country that you have a lot more shared experiences with your family that perhaps you would at home. Almost every trip out of the front door results in a new experience, especially in a place like Dubai. This picture was taken after we took a wrong turn on the way back from Dubai Mall and ended up next to a building site. With 2 grumpy children and 2 tired adults in the car, we certainly would not have chosen to turn off of the beaten track at this point but so glad we did as we ended up with uninterrupted views of the sun setting behind the iconic Dubai skyline. Here is a pic of my youngest using her Granfer’s old bridge camera to catch the unexpected piece of beauty. Another great bit of photography advice which is easy to follow, always have your camera with you!

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Tolerance Bridge Travel Photography

Tolerance Bridge, 4th Day Photo

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It has been nice to receive emails asking about the different photos I’ve posted so far. Please do ask if you think I can help. For today’s photo, my 4th day photo is back in Dubai for one I took last weekend. The Tolerance Bridge is to celebrate the 200 different nationalities that live and work in Dubai.

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Burj Khalifa Documentary Photography

Photography Challenge – ‘Photo per day’ challenge

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With the weather becoming a perfect temperature for getting out and about with the camera, I have set myself a challenge to post a new photo every day to show life in Dubai, some picture may be of the glitz and glamor, some will just be a way of showing everyday typicality.
Let’s get started with our first image, the incredible Burj Khalifa sat overlooking at Dubai skyline at sunset.

I took this photo at 5:45 yesterday, the cooler weather has bought some cloud cover which is perfect for giving the dappled light effect in the sky.

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