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Wedding Photographer in Bristol

Our passion and ability is reflected in the images you see throughout our website, also, take a look at our reviews pages to understand what it would be like for you to have us look after your wedding photos. We cover much of the local area and also frequently travel to offer our wedding photography in Somerset, Dorset, Bristol, Bath, Wiltshire and Devon. We have worked for clients from London, Yorkshire and across the UK.

Technical skills are an important part of a camera man’s repertoire. A wedding is a place full of emotions; tiny moments that truly reflect how people felt. Being able to capture the nuances, the glances, the facial expressions without intruding is key. Lighting at a wedding can sometimes prove a challenge. Without using a direct flash, I like to make the most of available light, complimenting the subject. Using shade and also bouncing light of walls can produce a better effect, creating contrast and an overall better mood.

Most importantly, it is what you want for your wedding. If you speak with your photographer, tell them what it is you require and how you want to have your photos taken; they should have the experience and skills necessary to get the most for your special day. Contact me today to have an informal chat; I’m happy to talk about any ideas you might have.