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Documentary Photography

Long Exposure Photography – Day 9 Photo.

Day 9. I love this photo, for more than the image itself. My son and I were out on the Palm in Dubai until midnight taking this image, there is nothing like completing a shared task together to instigate a father-son bonding session. We both left with some great photos and a memory to last a life time. The photo itself is a nice long exposure, a solid tripod allows you to keep the shutter open for several minutes to let lots of light in to the camera without suffering from any motion blur. A lovely crisp shot taken in almost perfect darkness.

Burk Al Arab
Dubai Skyline, night shot of Burj Al Arab
UAE National Day images Travel Photography

National Day Fireworks,

UAE National Day images
UAE National Day 2019, fireworks from La Mer Beach

With National Day in the UAE upon us, there are many special events around Dubai to mark the occasion. On the warm winter evenings, there is nothing nicer than watching the fireworks let off from La Mer beach to celebrate the 47th Birthday of the UAE. Here is the photo from today for day 8 of my Photo a Day challenge.

Sunset in Dubai Travel Photography

Dubai Skyline – photography is a family hobby!

Day 7. It becomes part of everyday life when you move to live in a new country that you have a lot more shared experiences with your family that perhaps you would at home. Almost every trip out of the front door results in a new experience, especially in a place like Dubai. This picture was taken after we took a wrong turn on the way back from Dubai Mall and ended up next to a building site. With 2 grumpy children and 2 tired adults in the car, we certainly would not have chosen to turn off of the beaten track at this point but so glad we did as we ended up with uninterrupted views of the sun setting behind the iconic Dubai skyline. Here is a pic of my youngest using her Granfer’s old bridge camera to catch the unexpected piece of beauty. Another great bit of photography advice which is easy to follow, always have your camera with you!

Sunset in Dubai
Sunset in Dubai
Child portrait photo Portrait Photography

Natural Portrait Photo, Day 5 pic.

Day 5, today is probably my favourite photo that I have taken in 2018. For sure there are many studio shot portraits that capture a great image, but IMHO, if you are looking to capture a persons personality and spirit then there is nothing better than having them in their most comfortable surroundings doing the things they love the most.

Child portrait photo

Day 5, today is probably my favourite photo that I have taken in 2018. For sure there are many studio shot portraits that capture a great image, but IMHO, if you are looking to capture a persons personality and spirit then there is nothing better than having them in their most comfortable surroundings doing the things they love the most.
Tolerance Bridge Travel Photography

Tolerance Bridge, 4th Day Photo

It has been nice to receive emails asking about the different photos I’ve posted so far. Please do ask if you think I can help. For today’s photo, my 4th day photo is back in Dubai for one I took last weekend. The Tolerance Bridge is to celebrate the 200 different nationalities that live and work in Dubai.

Tolerance Bridge
Night shot of Tolerance Bridge in all its beauty.
Bristol Night Glow Uncategorized

Night Glow Bristol Photo, Day 3

Bristol Night Glow
Image of Bristol Balloon festival night glow.

Day 3 of the ‘Photo a Day challenge’. The world famous Night Glow at the Bristol Balloon Festival.

This was taken at the end of a lovely day out with 4 generations of the Sims/Curtis family all taking photos of the spectacular balloon show. I think it is fair to say that photography is a passion that runs throughout the family.

Burj Khalifa Documentary Photography

Photography Challenge – One New Photo per day

Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa at night.

With the weather becoming a perfect temperature for getting out and about with the camera, I have set myself a challenge to post a new photo every day to show life in Dubai, some picture may be of the glitz and glamor, some will just be a way of showing everyday typicality.

Let’s get started with our first image, the incredible Burj Khalifa sat overlooking at Dubai skyline at sunset.

I took this photo at 5.45 yesterday, the cooler weather has bought some cloud cover which is perfect for giving the dappled light effect in the sky.

Please like and share the images you enjoy looking at, or if you would like to take a picture like this yourself then I’d love to help you get the most out of your camera if I can, please just ask. Thanks, Matt

Graphi Wedding Albums Somerset Wedding Photographer

Wedding Albums

The Wedding Book.

The wedding book is the main component of your album. Here you need to select the size, orientation and number of pages for your album.

Wedding books come with a choice of which photographic paper that you would like for your wedding photos. Canon HD photo paper is provided as standard but there is an option to upgrade to a high quality paper that has a laminate finish. The laminated finish provides a beautiful deep gloss finish and provides important protection to your album pages, particularly against finger prints and other items that may come in contact with your album.

The Pages.

The pages are important to your album, not only with regards to how your wedding images will look, but do not underestimate the importance of the feel of the pages as you touch them to turn each page.

The Front Cover.

The first thing you see when getting out your wedding album to show your family and friends is the front cover. With many options available, there are designs to suit all tastes.

The metal album cover comes with a variety of options including a gold or silver colour with wither a buff or sheen finish.

Crystal Glance cover gives a protective and beautiful front cover to your album.

A leatherette cover will give your wedding book durable protection at a low cost.

For extra durability and luxury feel, the distressed leather cover is a great choice.

The Spine of the Album and Back Cover.

You may wish to add a different material to the spine and back of your album in order to create the look that you want.

All wedding albums can be modified to suit any design specifications and tastes. Options include leather, woven material and distressed leather.

Protective Case.

As standard your wedding album will come in a minimalist white box. This can be upgrades to sleeves to match your spine of your album, a bespoke designed photobox or protective display case.

The Graphi Art Box is a beautiful way to present your album. Pick your favourite photos and have them printed on to the exterior of your Art Box.

A minimalist leatherette or real leather will give your wedding book a traditional minimalist design.

The Forms display box is a great option if you wish to display your wedding book while keeping it protected.

A beautifully made Stylish Sleeve offers your wedding book a protective yet great looking external cover.

Sunrise photo Wedding Photography

Wedding Shows on TV

Women planning their nuptials and thinking about which wedding photographer – such as Matthew Sims – to book may have been a bit concerned to hear that BBC 3 is to be axed, particularly because it’s home to popular wedding show Don’t Tell The Bride.

The television show is a great way for brides planning their weddings to get ideas and see what – and what not – to do and while concerns for its future may have been growing after the BBC’s decision to remove the channel, it’s now been suggested that the programme will be available online instead, via the broadcaster’s iPlayer platform.

Don’t Tell The Bride features a young couple given £12,000 to plan their wedding but there’s one catch – the groom has to do all the organising in three weeks and the bride has no say over any of it, from the venue and the food to the dress… which often proves the most stressful part of the proceedings. While some men do well and surprise their friends, family and fiancée with what they manage to accomplish in just three weeks, others don’t impress quite so much – such as the groom who decided to fly everyone out to Vegas in series four but couldn’t afford flights for everyone so some key family members had to stay behind, which the bride was understandably less than happy with.

There was also the groom who thought it would be a good idea to ask his bride to jump out of an airplane after she’d had her hair and makeup done!

Stag at weddingd Wedding in Taunton

Wedding Trends 2018

Festival weddings – a new trend!

People getting married in the near future who are thinking about where to have their ceremonies, what dress style they want and which Somerset wedding photographer to hire might also want to consider a theme for their big day – and one of the newest trends to emerge in recent weeks is a mini festival.

Pink roses on a wedding cake
A beautiful blend of off white icing and romantic pink roses, simply stunning wedding cake. Photo by Matthew Sims

If this appeals, there are lots of ways you can make this theme work for you. If you’re worried about what to wear on your feet for a wedding that will take place primarily outside, then there’s no real cause for concern as a pair of ankle boots in leather or suede will look brilliant with your dress, particularly if it’s short. If this doesn’t sound like you, a flat shoe would be a great option – anything but heels, really, as these will make it hard to traverse uneven ground and often get stuck in the mud!

As for decor, you should try and keep it as natural as possible since festivals are al fresco by nature. You could set out a picnic basket for people to drop well-wishing cards in when they arrive at your reception venue, hang lots of paper streamers and beautiful doilies as bunting in lots of vibrant colours, offer guests hot water bottles if the evening turns cold, and have wooden tables with picnic chairs and white tablecloths for the wedding breakfast which will really complete the outdoors/festival feel. And, if you’ve got enough space, why not set out lots of hay bales at your venue as alternative seating when people get tired later?

Wedding flowers Local Wedding Photographer

Scott and Charis, Wedding in Taunton

“We are so pleased that we chose Matt to be our wedding photographer. We have been impressed with his level of service throughout the whole experience, from emails exchanged before the day while choosing a suitable package for us, to the big day itself and of course to receiving the wonderful photos after the wedding.

On the day itself Matt was so professional, as well as being very friendly and easy to work with.  More than anything we were struck by how unobtrusive he was and how he was able to handle our family members getting in the way trying to take their own photographs! He worked around them and was so discreet that everybody felt really comfortable.

We wanted our photos to tell the story of our day, capturing all the key moments but without having cameras in our faces all the time. That’s exactly what we got! Matt was of course happy to accommodate the posed shots that we wanted to make sure we had all the “requisite” group shots, but otherwise the photos were taken discreetly and the results are some very unexpected shots which we had no idea were being taken!

We were delighted to receive our photos on a memory stick so quickly after our wedding and had a great time reliving the day as we watched the slideshow. The photos are of a great quality and really captured the emotions and events. We were really pleased that Matt put them all in black and white and sepia for us as well so we were able to choose a mixture of different types as our “best” selection.

Thanks again Matt for your excellent services. We are happy to recommend Matt to anyone! ”

Scott and Charis

Scrabble tile and wedding ring Wedding Photography

What makes a good wedding photographer?

Weddings in North/South Devon

What Makes a Good Wedding Photographer? Skills, Locations and People

Devon is one of the most picturesque and idyllic counties in England and is becoming increasingly popular with couples who are searching for that little extra something for the wedding-day location. North Devon and South Devon is host to a whole host of fantastic locations; gripping scenery, welcoming venues and that special Devonshire hospitality that Devonians are famous for. Whatever you are looking for; something old, something new, something borrowed or something blue: it’s important that your wedding photographer knows how to capture everything that makes your wedding day an event to remember forever.

Wedding photography is not simply about photographing a wedding day, it is much more. Having an experienced wedding photographer who knows their trade is a wholly greater advantage.  The ability to communicate to others and carry out your wishes for your wedding day whilst making people feel relaxed is paramount. Successful snappers often talk with those they are picturing, distracting their attention away from the camera and making them feel inconspicuous, whilst having them remain centre stage. Although some shots need to be professionally composed, it is important to capture them as quickly as possible to allow for a non-hectic day. Being able to organise up to hundreds of people without appearing too forthright is very important. After all, people are there to enjoy themselves and your special day.

It is well known that North Devon and South Devon have some of the most fantastic locations for your wedding. You should feel confident that your camera man is capable of capturing everything that makes that location special. It could be the vintage style of Umberleigh or the crystal waters of Woolacombe Bay; the majestic South Hams Countryside or the luxurious Tunnels Beaches: whatever the reason you have chosen the location, your photographer should be able to take your ideas and transfer them perfectly to print.

Technical skills are an important part of a camera man’s repertoire. A wedding is a place full of emotions; tiny moments that truly reflect how people felt. Being able to capture the nuances, the glances, the facial expressions without intruding is key. Lighting at a wedding can sometimes prove a challenge. Without using a direct flash, I like to make the most of available light, complimenting the subject. Using shade and also bouncing light of walls can produce a better effect, creating contrast and an overall better mood.

Most importantly, it is what you want for your wedding. If you speak with your photographer, tell them what it is you require and how you want to have your photos taken; they should have the experience and skills necessary to get the most for your special day. Contact me today to have an informal chat; I’m happy to talk about any ideas you might have.

Wedding Dress Wedding in Taunton

How to choose a wedding dress


It’s important to think long and hard about decisions relating to your wedding, whether it be your wedding photographer (such as Matthew Sims), your theme, the colours, the food and, most critically, the dress.

And it seems that women are certainly of this view, with new research showing that they try on up to 20 wedding dresses before finding that one very special one that they can’t wait to walk down the aisle in, and just 9% of those asked in the Promotional Codes study saying they only had to try on five dresses before they picked out a favourite.

While 20 dresses might seem like a lot to try on, it is important to make sure you find a gown that is particularly well suited to your body type. If you’re something of a pear shape, look for a skirt with a gradual flare from the waist to the floor, which will draw attention away from the thighs. For women with a larger bust, it might be a better idea to go for a scooped neckline as this won’t show too much cleavage and will lighten up your face. Also avoid ruched fabric or anything with a sheen to it as this could draw attention to your chest.

For tall brides, a silhouette dress is a great option, as it will help emphasise your shape. Try to avoid anything too fussy and over-embellished and keep your dress as simple as possible, without being too boring – you’re sure to get lots of compliments if you do!

Bristol Wedding Photo Local Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography in Bristol

Our passion and ability is reflected in the images you see throughout our website, also, take a look at our reviews pages to understand what it would be like for you to have us look after your wedding photos. We cover much of the local area and also frequently travel to offer our wedding photography in Somerset, Dorset, Bristol, Bath, Wiltshire and Devon. We have worked for clients from London, Yorkshire and across the UK.

Photo of wedding rings Local Wedding Photographer

Another wedding season comes to an end

As another wedding season comes to a close, with 25000 photos taken and Photoshopped it has been a very successful few months at Matthew Sims Wedding Photography. The team and I have covered many miles and even got to do our first wedding abroad, well, only just over the border in Wales at the impressive Celtic Manor Resort. We got to shoot in the Presidential suite just a week after President Obama stayed at the resort. (I wonder if using the words ‘shoot’ and ‘President Obama’ will get my website on the FBI’s watch list?). Of the many highlights of the season multiple visits to Orchardleigh House, Holbrook House and St Audreys Park along with a few new venues including Staplegrove Church in Taunton and The Egypt Mill.

Wedding flowers Wedding Photography

Wedding Nostalgia, the smell of fresh flowers

There are always specific songs, incidents and even smells which lock in to your memory at each wedding. I can remember offering one of our wedding photography packages at a spring wedding which was lit up with fresh cut daffodils wherever you looked, on the tables, along the isles in the church and of course in the bride’s bouquet. Everybody aspires to have a unique wedding and everybody achieves that one way or another. Within the tones of nostalgia we are all lingering longing for episodes of beautiful wedding images and those unique moments where we are at a our most glamorous and click, the moment is captured forever and replicated on our lounge wall, social media profile sites and on our wedding album cover. For ever more the slightest glance at the artwork evokes the memory of our beautiful day in the spotlight.