Stunning sunset wedding photo

Ben and Tracey celebrating their wedding in front of this stunning sunset at Northover Manor, Yeovil. Image captured by Matthew Sims.

Wedding Photographer

Covering Somerset, Bristol and south west.

I am Matthew Sims and I have been a passionate photographer since as long as I can remember. I love taking beautiful photos. Getting married is one of the most special moments in peoples lives and I feel it is a real privileged to be play a part in such a personal and important event. This is a responsibility I take very seriously, my aim is to ensure you have the most beautiful wedding photos, your job is just to enjoy your wedding day. My photography style is often called reportage or sometimes documentary style, what this means is that I capture natural and relaxed wedding photos of you need to be smiling and having fun with your family and friends, not posing for endless photoshoots.


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Reportage and Documentary Style Wedding Photography.

If you would like to know about little more about me and my photography work, at the bottom of this page you will find an interview that I recently did for a local magazine.

What inspired you to build a career in photography?

A. I have always been fascinated by the role that pictures and images play in our lives. I remember as a child being infatuated with looking at old photo albums that people had even if I did not know the people in the pictures I used to feel very privileged that I was being allowed to look back in time see what people were doing on any given day.

When I was 10 years old I was bought my first camera, it was a Hanimax 110mm. I used to use the inside of my sleeping bag as my dark room and had the camera stripped to bits so many times that I am amazed as to how it kept working for as long as it did.

How did you turn your hobby in to a successful business? what advise would you give to people who want to become a wedding photographer?

A. For many years I worked as an Assistant Photographer, the chance to work alongside and learn from people who were at the top of their field in portrait and wedding photography was amazing, I cannot recommend this enough to any budding photographer. By learning from as many people as you can you equip yourself with more skills to use yourself, not just with the camera but also how to deal with nervous brides and camera shy guests and how to make sure that you get the job done regardless of any circumstance that may arise.

I always wanted to specialize in photographing people getting married as the natural high of the day is amazing. I did my first few weddings for charitable donations. The feedback I got from the Brides, Grooms and their guests reaffirmed to me that it was time to make this lifelong hobby my profession.

What equipment do you use?

A. I always take several cameras with me. My main camera is the latest Canon 5d MkIII but on average I will take 3 cameras and a variety of lenses including macro, portrait and telephoto lenses. It is essential to have backups of all your kit and backups to your backups. I was a guest at a wedding where the photographer knocked his own camera off his tripod. I really felt for the guy but as soon as I realized he had no back up camera I quickly stopped feeling sorry for him and my sympathy went to the Bride and Groom.

Of all the photos you have taken, which is your favourite?

A. As a photographer it is difficult to chose a favorite from your own portfolio as being critical of your work is an important part of constantly improving what you do. I do have one photo that I am particularly proud of. One Bride and Groom were having their first dance as a married couple and all the elements were working against me. It was very, very dark, the couple were moving quite quickly and I had quite a tall Groom and very petite Bride. I did not want to use the flash for the picture as although it would have created perfect illumination for the shot it would be to the detriment of the picture overall, in one picture I wanted to capture the mood and emotion of the moment. The picture should not have worked but what I managed to create was a photo that ended up as a canvas on their wall in their lounge and it is the front cover of their album. For me it is a picture that captures the perfect moment of a couple who were very much in love and from a technical point of view it is pushing the capabilities of digital cameras.

The pressure to deliver beautiful wedding photos would overwhelm most amateur photographers, What is your proudest moment as a wedding photographer?

A. My favorite moment is to watch the Bride and Groom as they go through their completed photos for the first time. It is an absolute honor to be invited to be part of a couple’s big day and to have a privileged insight in to everything that goes on. By watching their reaction when they look at their album for the first time makes you very proud to know you have done a good job.

What do you want for the future of your work and your wedding photography business?

A. I love the work that I do and when I am not taking photos at peoples weddings I am normally experimenting taking new kinds of pictures elsewhere. I always try to make my next wedding the best one that I have ever done and for as long as I keep achieving this I would not change a thing.


If you would like to get in touch to discuss your wedding album needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch.